July 2022

Bongbaba is a sleek cannabis shop offering a modern cannabis experience in the heart of Hamilton, Ontario. The team reached out to us to focus on creating unique and memorable brand experience that would last the test of time in the retail space.

Unforgivingly Bold

A bold volt green was the obvious choice to serve as the foundation for this strong and vibrant brand. With plans of expansion nationwide, it was essential we create an identity that is distinguishable regardless of location.

Full Circle

Staying true to our client’s name, we incorporated a bong into the visual identity of Bongbaba’s logo. Our team also created additional graphics and animations such as cannabis leaves and bong bubbles to further drive the branding home.

Explore Bongbaba

We set out to create an immersive digital experience for Bongbaba that would reliably convert visitors. Our team made full use of our brand imagery in the form of bongs, leaves, and bubbles for a consistent cannabis-infused atmosphere. The Buddi e-commerce platform was used to complete the simple and clean buying experience.