Fountain Aesthetics







November 2019

This medical aesthetics clinic exudes a modern, sleek, and elegant feel, offering quality services in the heart of Surrey, BC. We were tasked with creating a brand from the ground up that would showcase quality comparable to that of Downtown Vancouver.

A brand built to last.

To drive home the feeling of luxury and beauty, we chose comforting yet strong colours such as whites, greys, and teals. Our team instantly gravitated towards soft pallets and fine lines to create an atmosphere of levity, elegance, and calm. We went with a contemporary font to embody the brand’s luxurious feel, while still using something that works across the digital and branding landscape.

Aesthetically pleasing.

The brand’s position in the beauty space demanded a lot of attention to detail. We focused on cultivating aesthetically pleasing and unique visuals that remained consistent across all platforms. We implemented this same strategy when it came to the content we produced to advertise Fountain Aesthetic’s services.

Book your consult.

All our design and development creativity was focused on a central goal when building the Foundation Aesthetics site: to drive customers to book a consultation. We positioned the website as an endless source of quality information and professional advice with strategically placed content. We maintained design and brand consistency while still driving visitors to book a call. The social media feeds were flooded with high-quality content that educated and entertained the target audience.