February 2022

Gramsterdam Cannabis is an up-and-coming cannabis retail shop focused on delivering an inviting and memorable customer experience. Our team was inspired to create a brand that paid homage to the Amsterdam aesthetic, to create a very unique brand experience.


We went with a bold font and color style to create a memorable first impression in an attempt to grow brand awareness. The eye-catching flare of the branding was built to play off the company’s tongue-in-cheek name.


Our inspiration for Gramsterdam’s branding was derived from the Amsterdam cannabis culture. We integrated an iconic Hollandish windmill to represent the city that’s famous worldwide for cannabis. Our team created additional visuals such as hills, clouds, and additional cityscapes to complement the central imagery.


We constructed the branding and the digital experience for optimized UX and performance. The easy-to-shop interface allows users to find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. We used the Dutchie platform for a holistic and streamlined buying experience.