August 2021

Grelhados is a family-owned and operated restaurant serving up mouth-watering western delicacies with a distinct Portuguese twist. Their focus lies in bringing people together to eat fresh and healthy, but more importantly­– tasty!

A Fresh Brand

Grelhados takes pride in using fresh food and ingredients and we wanted to make that absolutely clear. By using vibrant colour schemes along with sleek styling and fonts, the quality of food and the passion behind each meal becomes apparent to anyone coming across this brand.

A feed that makes you drool

The food Grelhado’s chefs whip up sells itself. That’s why we’ve filled our client’s social media feed with high-quality content focusing on their dishes. Playful animations were simply the garnish to the main dish of the brand’s impeccable service.

Can I get a booth?

We designed a modern and simple website that reflects Grelhado’s physical location with an interactive menu for simple navigation.