Heat & Herb





August 2020

This cannabis retail shop focused on the culture and history of the Pacific North West with an emphasis on providing a unique retail cannabis experience in the burgeoning industry. We were tasked with building this brand from the ground up to create a foundation they could grow with.

The Heat and Herb Vibe

To evoke emotions of serenity, tranquility, and peace, we chose soft colors often associated with nature. The soft curves and levity of the font complement this lighter color palette while still adding unique character to the brand.

Caught your eye.

The brand icon includes leaves and a flame to illustrate the duality of the herb and the heat needed to smoke it. We created complementary graphics through sourced images and designed assets for a more cohesive and complete brand image. Our team experimented with color palettes to create unique combinations while still remaining loyal to the brand image.

Experience it.

The brand’s adherence to nature and calmness is embodied in the website design. Everything flows smoothly and naturally for a pleasant shopping experience. We used the Dutchie platform for an improved buying experience overall.