Purelife Physio







July 2020

This industry-leading physiotherapy clinic offers a wide range of medical and rehabilitation treatments to assist clients of all ages in regaining their mobility. During the exploration phase of recreating Purelife’s brand, we wanted to bring energy back into their clinic. Having a vibrant brand was definitely a focal point of ours.

Brand Identity: Active

When we had our first meeting with the PureLife team, we absolutely loved how often they used the word ‘active’. So, why not create a brand around this? The prominence of this word in our branding was present with an added focus on speed, motion, and curves.

The value of social media

PureLife was eager to create and provide value for its followers across all social media platforms. We produced content featuring staff to humanize the brand and make potential clients familiar with the team. The content focused on useful tips such as correct postures, simple exercises, and stretches.


To provide clients with as much information as possible, we made the site informative and convenient to follow. Finding answers to commonly asked questions was made super easy!