Rajdeep Realty




August 2020

Rajdeep came to us with the goal of having his real estate branding match the quality of his service in a more accurate manner. While learning about Rajdeep and his practice, it was clear to us that he values a quality, in-depth experience for his clientele; and it was our job to make sure that his branding represented that appropriately.


In today’s real estate market, there is real competition to create brands that are unique and can stand out amongst the crowd. We focused on creating a memorable emblem that would garner attention and more importantly stick in consumers’ minds.

The little things

Branding doesn’t stop at just the logo, and for Rajdeep we felt there were alot of possibilities to create an in-depth brand experience for his service. We were inspired to create supporting brand elements such as cursive text to pair with his primary branding, and eye-catching signage that would serve his brand in the most optimal way possible.