SM Lighting






August 2019

SM Lighting & Plumbing is a long-established retailer in the heart of Surrey and has been in operation for over three decades! When working on a rebrand for SM, it was important for us to bring some of the core identity into the new identity of SM Lighting.

Shine bright like a… Light.

Our rebranding effort began with creating a strong theme in SM’s branding. The bright and elegant pink we decided to use establishes SM as sleek, modern, and professional. The chandelier icon symbolizes traditional lighting while positioning SM as a high-quality brand.

Let’s Talk Social

SM’s primary social media strategy is to be product and portfolio heavy. Our creative team has put emphasis on making sure content is created with highlighting their popular fixtures, with product inspiration, video content, and promotional posts.

What brands do you carry?

We wanted to direct most of the questions that were asked to SM’s sales agents to be answered through their website. The most frequently asked question was, “What brands do you carry?” We designed a designated section based on that question to make sure clients were able to fully navigate all brands SM carries for lighting and plumbing fixtures.