Titan Truck Parts






December 2020

When we were given the opportunity to completely rebrand Titan, we had one clear goal: To position Titan as the undisputed leader in the truck and trailer parts industry. Our client wanted us to go bold, and we didn’t hold back while creating Titan’s brand identity.

Bold. Strong. Clean. Titan

We used heavy and bold typography in the Titan logo to represent the toughness of the trucking industry while conveying Titan’s boldness and strength. The use of bright colors is intended to stand out on mud flaps and other brand implementations to capture the attention of onlookers on the road.

Can you make the truck parts industry look appealing? Yes, always yes.

The trick with Titan’s social media presence was to showcase the grit and grunge of the work while still presenting it as a professional brand. We set the desired theme on Titan’s social media platforms by integrating professional content ranging from product shots, repair shops, and physical retail shops.