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Project Description

Aqua Room Studio

The Client

Aqua Room Studio was looking to start a new business, and wanted to create a brand that encompassed the unique ideals of the team and an emphasis on quality and customer relationships. They wanted to target a very specific demographic of young women, who would be interested in unique upscale pampering experiences in the local area, without the costs of an urban core spa. The studio also wanted to incorporate a holistic strategy that would reinforce the brand’s values across multiple channels.

How We Did It

We started by conducting market research on the target demographic to gain a better understanding of what would attract the clientele. After performing a consumer analysis, it became clear that the customers wanted great customer service at a competitive price. The brand needed to be built from the ground up, with a focus on communicating the strengths of the brand to the demographic, relative to its competitors. We identified and selected key social influencers, in order to create an efficient stream of communication to reach out to the salon’s consumer segment. For the brand components, we collaborated with an interior designer who could bring the qualities the salon was looking for into the physical space, and used that as our basis for building the brand’s online presence.

The Result

A unique, visual identity that integrated multiple branding components into the interior design of the physical location, in order to create a one of a kind space that personified the brand. The social media personality was designed to attract a demographic of younger women interested in the salon experience at a quality price. Specific social media campaigns were also developed prior to the launch, in order to garner interest from the local demographic. Brand ambassadors who were prolific on social media were recruited and used to expand awareness and increase the relevance of the new brand. For local promotion, we collaborated on a print design for the grand opening, which was held in the summer of 2016.


Aqua Room Studio

Our Role

Brand Creation, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design & Social Media