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Project Description

Encore Entertainment

The Client

Encore Entertainment is a group of young professionals who had been working as DJs in the lower mainland for the last five years, and wanted to rebrand their identity. Their goal was to differentiate themselves from the existing market, in a way that showcased their innovation and energetic performances. It was important that they had an emblem that was easily identifiable, to help increase brand awareness.

How We Did It

We selected and modified the typeface to give it sharp edges on the E’s in their name, which represented the lasers that were used in their performances. The flame graphic was selected to be the brand emblem, depicting both the energy and excitement that they created during their sets. We placed the blue flame, representing Encore Entertainment, in the middle of a black typeface. The black is used to represent the nightlife in which the DJs perform, while the blue flame was selected… well, because it’s hot AF!

The Result

A brand identity that reflects Encore Entertainment’s core values and energy, in an easily recognizable emblem that would help to increase their brand awareness through word of mouth and marketing throughout the city.


Encore Entertainment

Our Role

Brand Creation & Graphic Design