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Project Description

Ishwar Jewellers

The Client

Iswar Jewelers is a jewelry boutique that has been a longstanding staple in their local community, well known for their niche customer base. The company specializes in creating one of a kind, custom pieces that represent their clientele’s modern tastes combined with traditional aesthetics. The owners were looking to create a new visual identity that was more reflective of their offerings, and that had an updated feel.

How We Did It

We began by assessing the niche customer base to gain a better understanding of the target demographic, which helped us in formulating the key values and qualities of Ishwar that the clientele was drawn to. We wanted to move away from the traditional typeface visuals that were common with local competitors, as well as to get rid of the generic logo that was often associated with the jewelry industry. The colors had to reflect the unique feeling of modern elegance, which was shown in each custom piece that Ishwar created.

The emblem we designed represents the tradition of classical Indian jewelry makers, with the typeface of the final design chosen to represent the combination of both traditional and modern influences that Ishwar uses in their custom pieces.

The Result

The new emblem set the company apart from the competition, showcased the values of the company, and brought traditional and modern influences together in a way that appealed to the niche customer base.


Ishwar Jewellers

Our Role

Brand Creation