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Project Description

Kamal’s Day Spa

The Client

Kamal’s Day Spa was looking for a professional social media image, which would be more attractive to consumers. Not only did the client need an attractive social media presence that showcased its products and services, but it needed a focused PPC Campaign strategy that translated into higher levels of customer engagement.

How We Did It

We worked with the client to familiarize ourselves with their services, to better understand what the business represented, and what its values were. The brand values we chose to showcase for increased engagement were the events that took place at the spa, not just the services. We focused on creating modern, aesthetically pleasing graphics to help catch the eye of potential customers by developing promotions that would encourage more followers. This left lasting impressions on the potential customers who saw the ads, garnering more interest in the spa’s monthly specials.

The Result

A visually appealing social media page using an Instagram theme, with calculated posts that each had a detailed focus and target. This resulted in increased engagement, stronger impressions on the potential customers, and increased customer actions, such as higher website visits, phone calls, and requests for directions.


Kamal’s Day Spa

Our Role

PPC Campaign, Social Media Management