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Project Description

Manda Dhillon

The Client

Manda Dhillon is a fashion designer who is known for her hand stitched art pieces, in order to bring her vision of the design to life. Her pieces were primarily sold across e-Commerce channels, and she wanted to create a brand emblem that would be representative of her company, while at the same time incorporating her inspirations of minimalistic design into the brand’s image. It was important that the design of the emblem reflect the visual identity of Manda’s line of clothing.

How We Did It

Choosing the color of the design required an understanding of Manda’s creations, as well as knowing the feeling she wanted to inspire in her emblem. We chose Rose Gold as the central color in her branding, in order to showcase her brand’s core values and reflect on the high quality of her work. Her vision of having a bold appearance compared to other designers was considered, and knowing how integral she was to the brand itself, her initials were chosen to represent the brand in a straightforward, minimalistic way.

The Result

A minimal, yet engaging, brand image that serves as a versatile emblem that can be used on all company materials.


Manda Dhillon

Our Role

Brand Creation, Graphic Design