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Project Description

Women’s Collaborative Hub

The Client

Women’s Collaborative Hub approached us looking to create a brand to represent their professional network for women in the business world. The client wanted to attract women from different demographics, who wanted to take advantage of a professional network that catered to their business needs. The project called for web platform creation—one which would serve as the network for all of the client’s members—which included a payment gateway for membership and sponsorship payment, as well as an area that members could interact and connect with each other.

How We Did It

The “Women’s Collaborative” aspect of the logo represents a bold and professional image, while the “Hub” exudes a creative and modern feel. The form of the tree represents growth and networking through different branches of the business world, which is intrinsic to the client’s core services and values. We worked with the client to develop a detailed description of the brand values, and collaborated with the client to choose the perfect style and specific details that they required within their web interface, including the networking platform, the payment page, events calendar and workshop signups, etc.

The Result

The logo created a professional brand image: One that reflects a strong, independent and modern businesswoman who collaborates with others in a professional capacity. Not only was the focus on professionalism, but it showed the creative aspects of collaboration. The web and mobile platform met the needs of the client and its members, in an easy-to-use design that reinforced the Women’s Collaborative Hub mission of bringing women together.


Women’s Collaborative Hub

Our Role

Brand Creation & Web Development