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Project Description

Woodbine Builders

The Client

Woodbine Builders approached us for branding and web rejuvenation, to create a brand and web design that more accurately reflected the progression of their work. The company was transitioning from residential to commercial projects, and needed a design that incorporated where they had been, and where they were headed. The concept they came to us with was a modern and professional look that would attract high-profile commercial developers. To accomplish this, they needed a complete revamp of their website, with a modern and clean interface that would present their work in the most attractive way.

How We Did It

We worked one on one with the client to identify the design and brand trends in their market, and to find out what they were attracted to in the designs. We identified the color patterns that reflected the tone they wanted their brand to set, and worked hand in hand with the Woodbine’s pre-existing web developer to help translate our vision and concepts for the brand onto their web platform.

The Result

A Professional, Trustworthy and Powerful brand image. The brand and website redesign included a full integration of the branding concepts we’d created. Business cards, signage and website design all showcased a modern and aesthetically pleasing theme.


Woodbine Builders

Our Role

Brand Creation & Web Development