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Today’s market isn’t about just creating a great product or service, it’s about building a brand that customers can connect with. Our mission is to help our clients build brands that reflect their values, showcase their strengths, and appeal to their customer base. Our strengths lie in listening to what our clients need, where they want to go in the future, and build a narrative for the brand that results in higher customer engagement.


Building a brand isn’t just about choosing the right colors and logos—it’s about integrating your business’ core values into the brand itself. We’ll help you discover what sets your company apart from the competition, what your target demographic is drawn to, and work to create your brand’s action plan that can be used throughout multiple channels. Our goal is to uncover your company’s unique core values and qualities, and help to reach the full potential of branding through targeted strategies based on your needs.


Here at CLIQ Media, we know it’s not just about creating a brand that appeals to customers—it’s about working closely with our clients, to build a brand that our clients can take pride in. Each step of our process involves client communication, to make sure that we maximize the quality of the engagement between the brand and the consumer. Engaging the consumers provides them with the opportunity to relate to the brand and build affinity towards it; thus, creating customer loyalty towards the brand and its values.


Brand Creation

We draw on the concepts and vision of our clients, and take those ideas through concept and vision development to something more tangible: In this stage, we create the logo, and build the brand guidelines.

Brand Strategy

We analyze recent market research and develop the positioning strategy for your company. To make sure that the market research lines up with your core demographic, we also undertake a customer experience analysis to better understand what your customers want.

Graphic Design

The graphic design process involves the creation of unique branding material, designing the print materials that your company will use, and designing the signage. In this stage, we integrate your brand values, and what our research has shown appeals to the customer, in order to create branding material that stands out from the crowd.

Web Development

We use User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience Design (UX) methods to create a strong interface and aesthetic design through Web Management Platforms. We copywrite and create graphics to build the necessary content for your site, ensuring your consumers have an interactive and unique web experience.

Social Media

Social Media development focuses on creating an engagement and promo strategy that works best in your primary market. We design and manage each of your social media pages and create promotional campaigns in a way that reflect your company’s values and showcases your strengths.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign covers the creation of Facebook and Instagram ads designed to garner customer interest, as well as Google PPC Ads to give your company an edge over the competition.